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Introduce a bunch of initial ideas, stories, and pseudocode.

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# Badgefortheglory
## Pseudocode
### Backend information
The backend (Mosquitto) exposes a MQTT endpoint for messaging. This means that frontend clients can send and receive messages to each other by **publishing** MQTT packets over websockets.
Status: We'll put code how to access MQTT from a website here soon.
### Frontend information
We can use **Python**, **NodeJS**, and **Javascript**. Maybe more, just ask.
### Stories
We can implement one or more stories, to serve a particular usergroup. Actually, we probably want only one of these. So you (the developer) picks one and implements it.
### Story: Tech-person
This has few graphics and targets a user who likes to read a step by step list and then start using their badge in a technical way.
#### HTML Pseudocode
Short description and one or two animated pictures
ONBOARD: Read NFC and tell user 'its working'
READ: Prints what the badge contains as data
WRITE: Overwrite your default unique identifier(s)
CONNECT: Connect to the 'Intervillage Badge' network
KNOCK: Knock on another village's door (like a ping)
AUTH: Send a NFC identifier if the village requires authentication
TIP: Give a tip to another badge user on the network (stagenet)
### Story: Novice-user
This has many graphics and few options like tabs or menus. Instead, it enhances a hello world application by adding some NFC read and write activity in a visually intuitive way.
#### HTML Pseudocode
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