Commit 1ca753f0 authored by SerHack's avatar SerHack
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Merge branch 'feat/11/siduids' into 'master'

Design for #11, draft a UID format to prepare for parsing it

Closes #11

See merge request !7
parents 17d1cef4 bb18acb6
......@@ -33,8 +33,10 @@ async function writeTag() {
const writer = new NDEFWriter();
// try to write a message
try {
// NFC API tries to write to NFC tag the message "What Web Can Do Today" and it waits an answer
await writer.write("What Web Can Do Today");
// NFC API tries to write to NFC tag the HTTP URI for a EUID and waits
// TODO: Randomise after 'sid=' according to EUI-48 [0-9A-F]{8} spec
// TODO: Use well known NDEF MIME types for data (Issue #10 use MIME)
await writer.write("");
// yay!
consoleLog("NDEF message written!");
} catch(error) {
......@@ -50,4 +52,4 @@ function consoleLog(data) {
// this function was written to simplify the writing "logs" into a HTML element. :)
var logElement = document.getElementById('log');
logElement.innerHTML += data + '\n';
\ No newline at end of file
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